14th Harmonica Masters Workshops, 08 -12 June 2022

The 14th Harmonica Masters Workshops were originally planned for November 2020, but had to be cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. A free 3 hour Zoom event with all instructors on October 31st 2020, intended as a gesture of thanks to our regular students, was virtually attended by over 150 people from around the world. Now we are looking ahead and have rescheduled the 14th HMW for June 2022.

Organisational changes and the non-availability of the Trossingen Music School in November made it necessary to find a new date, and the Whitsun school holidays are the only viable time when all facilities are not otherwise in use and there are no competing events. We ask for your understanding for this change and hope that the HMW 2022 will be able to take place under something approaching normal conditions.

Following the withdrawal of the Conservatory, Hohner has kindly taken on the local organisation in addition to providing logistical support and sponsoring. Your contact person for registrations and all other administrative questions is Francesco Carnevale: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Harmonica Masters workshops 2022 will introduce several new faces. Joe Filisko and I will again be presenting classes and we welcome three great new instructors who promise to provide fresh impulses: the irrepressible Jason Ricci will be joining us for the first time to share his vivid insights into contemporary harmonica, Marcos Coll will be teaching an introduction to diatonic and chromatic harmonica in Latin music, and renowned Hohner Affiliated Customizer and Celtic music virtuoso Joel Andersson will present an introduction to the harmonica in Irish music. As in previous years, Eric Noden will teach acoustic blues guitar and Riedel Diegel is again presenting our beginners class. Due to family obligations, David Barrett will be unable to attend in 2022 as originally planned, but promises to be back in 2023. As in 2019, accompaniment at the concerts and sessions will be provided where needed by Steve Baker’s band the LiveWires.

Joel Andersson - The Harmonica in Irish Music
Steve Baker - Accompaniment in Blues, Rock & Country Music
Marcos Coll - An Introduction to the Harmonica in Latin Music
Riedel Diegel - Beginning Blues Harmonica
Joe Filisko - Traditional Blues Harmonica Styles
Eric Noden - Acoustic Blues Guitar
Jason Ricci - Secrets of Improvisation


In addition to the regular classes at the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2022, we are offering two special seminars from 3 - 4pm on Thursday and Saturday by sound therapist Quim Roca from Catalonia, which will focus on using the harmonica as a tool to learn more conscious breathing. As well as helping to improve lung function, this is very useful in dealing with stress, anxiety and other physical and emotional issues. It is also of great benefit to those suffering from a wide range of respiratory ailments, from COPD to long covid. Both seminars are free of charge for registered attendees. Language: English

The Hohner Penta Harp features a tonal layout offering both major and minor pentatonic modes plus blue note, without the necessity of bending existing notes, and has piqued the interest of both players and non-players. On Friday from 3 - 4pm, Steve Baker will present an introduction to this interesting new tuning (free of charge for registered attendees).


Important Notice:

In order to ensure that the Harmonica Masters Workshops can be held safely, all participants will be required to conform to the current Covid 19 regulations in force in the state of Baden-Württemberg at the time of the event.

We will inform you of further developments as details become available and look forward to welcoming you to Trossingen in June 2022,

very best wishes

Steve Baker  -  Festival Director

Trossingen, April 2022



Francesco Carnevale - Projekt Manager/ Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For telephone enquiries, please contact - Gerhard Müller on +49 7425 20455


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