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Harmonica Masters Concert Friday
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Freitag 04. November 2016

20.00 Uhr   Kesselhaus Trossingen

Steve Baker & Band

Joe Filisko & Eric Noden

In terms of the harmonica tradition, Joe Filisko and Steve Baker embody very different approaches. While Filisko has studied the great players of both pre- and post-war American blues in enormous depth and has mastered the nuances of their styles like no other, Baker has borrowed from many different sources to create a subtle and original fusion which incorporates elements of the harmonica tradition without attempting to recreate it.

At Friday's Harmonica Masters Concert, the popular duo of Joe Filisko and Eric Noden will present an up to the minute and highly personal take on a wide range of acoustic country blues styles in their own inimitable fashion. Steve Baker will perform with the band and deliver a set of originals interspersed with a few well chosen covers, showcasing his unique style while always serving the song.

We have always engaged excellent bands for the Harmonica Masters Concerts, either regular working groups such as the Matchbox Bluesband or B.B. & the Blues Shacks, or a special line-up, put together for the occasion. In 2016 we're happy to present a band which is easily the equal of any we've had in the past and features some of Europe's finest blues musicians to accompany the harmonica artists:

Kai Strauss  -  guitar & vocals
Thomas "Gaz" Brodbeck  -  bass & vocals
Christian Rannenberg  -  piano & vocals
Bernhard Egger  -  drums


                                  Steve Baker                                                           Joe Filisko & Eric Noden

Die Band:

Kai Strauss (guitar)

Kai Strauss belongs to the select circle of European musicians granted peer group recognition as authentic blues players by American colleagues and music critics. Kai toured for over 15 years with Texan heavyweight Memo Gonzales and his intense, compelling style has won him a place in the hearts of blues lovers from Hamburg to Chicago. The guitarist and singer turned solo in 2011 and has since established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the European blues scene. Strauss' current Album "I Go By Feel" clearly confirms his well-earned international status as a blues guitarist of the first order. It also shows him as a convincing singer and songwriter with a deep feeling for dynamic and timeless blues.

Gaz (bass)

Singer, guitarist and bassist Gaz has been performing on stage since the age of 14 and has earned a well deserved reputation as a musical all-rounder of the first water, with a expressive and soulful voice which has become his trademark. With his 9-piece rhythm & blues band Dr Mablues he has appeared several times at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, and has been a frequent visitor to Trossingen, both with the cult trio Opportunity, or "just" as the bass player, accompanying the crème de la crème of the harmonica world. In the course of his musical career, Gaz has opened for numerous top acts including Joe Cocker, David-Clayton Thomas, Wilson Pickett, Isaac Hayes, Joan Armatrading, Little Feat or the Commodores.

Chris Rannenberg (piano)

We're happy that we've been able to engage pianist Christian Rannenberg again in 2016 to accompany the sessions and concerts. One of the most highly regarded European blues pianists, for the past 30 years he has worked with an emormous range of international artists and has become an audience favorite in Trossingen. Together with Eric Noden, Chris will accompany the Onstage Sessions in the Kesselhaus and will also perform with the band on both evening concerts.

Bernhard Egger (drums)

Master drummer Bernhard Egger originally hails from the Waldviertel in Austria. During the past 25 years, he has accompanied countless formations in widely varying styles, performed over 2300 concerts in 24 countries and played on 18 CD productions. After turning pro in 2002, he worked (among others) with Hans Theesink, The Mojo Bluesband and B.B. & the Blues Shacks, spending 8 years with Germany's popular blues export. In 2011 he co-founded the talk series Auf Dem Roten Stuhl ("On the red chair"). Over the past 5 years, the Youtube channel has become one of the biggest German language platforms broadcasting interviews with figures from the cultural scene.





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