Dennis Gruenling has been voted “Best Modern Blues Harmonica Player” by Real Blues Magazine for 3 years, and was recently nominated for “Best Instrumentalist-Harmonica” in the Blues Music Awards for three years in a row.

Hailing from Curitiba, Brazil, Indiara Sfair has won the hearts of music lovers all over the world with her uniquely sensitive harmonica sound. Her Youtube videos have thrilled millions. A graduate of the Parana School of Fine Arts, Indiara embarked on a career as a blues and jazz musician in 2009 and has participated in a variety of projects in her native Brazil as well as in the USA, Canada and England.

Joe Filisko is the leading expert on traditional diatonic blues harmonica styles, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the playing techniques and music of the defining players of both pre- and post-war eras.

In France, there is only one man able to rouse a stadium with a simple harmonica. An outstanding showman, Greg Zlap is not just a harmonica virtuoso. He sings, writes, produces and performs his own music.
Greg Zlap was born in Warsaw, Poland. He arrived in Paris in the late 1980s with a harmonica in his pocket and went on to become one of the most creative players in Europe.

“Eric is a spiritual heir to Chicago blues guitarists of the ’20s and ’30s like Tampa Red and Big Bill Broonzy"– The Illinois Entertainer

It’s not uncommon for children to torment their parents with the shrill sound of recorders, raucous sawing of squeaky violins or relentless tinkering on a piano badly in need of tuning. More often than not these instruments of torture wind-up collecting dust in some corner. This was not the case with Marko Jovanovic, born with Serbian roots in Munich in 1978. It was an uncle who greatly influenced Marko‘s musical path by giving his 13-year-old nephew a harmonica, and in doing so he hit the bull’s-eye! Marko was fascinated by the tiny, literally ‚handy‘ instrument, and immediately dove into understanding, exploring and experimenting with it.

Riedel studied classical violin for 7 years before teaching himself harmonica and keyboards. At the age of 15 he was performing on stage with his first acoustic blues band.

Steve Baker grew up in London and has lived in Germany since the late 1970s. A self-taught musician who took up the harmonica in 1969, he has played the instrument professionally since 1975 and has been cited as one of the world’s top ten blues harmonica stylists by no less than Detlev Hoegen, boss of the renowned blues label CrossCut Records. Steve now lives near Hamburg, where he first came in the late 1970s with the crazed Anglo-American jugband "Have Mercy".

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