Secrets of Improvisation


I: Scales

  1. Major
  2. Minor


II: Scale exercises and Intervals

  1. Ear Training
  2. Identifying key scale tones


III: Basic Harmony

  1. Major Triads / Minor triads
  2. 6th Chords
  3. 7th Chords


IV: Arpeggiating Chords

  1. Phrasing


Language: English


The workshop includes a minimum of 11 teaching units of 75 or 90 min from Wednesday to Saturday.

The admissions to the session in the Kesselhaus on Wednesday and the concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday have to be purchased separately.


Produkt Artikelnummer Beschreibung Preis Anzahl
Workshop Jason Ricci
202204 Secrets of Improvisation Kurssprache / course language: English 300,00 €
Wednesday - Onstage Session
202209 Wednesday - Onstage Session 10,00 €
Thursday - British Beat & Blues Harmonica
202210 Thursday - British Beat & Blue Harmonica 22,00 €
Friday - From Ireland to New Orleans
202211 Friday - From Ireland to New Orleans 22,00 €
Saturday - Latin Harp meets Traditional Mastery
202212 Saturday - Latin Harp meets Traditional Mastery 22,00 €

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