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Chromatic Power
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 Chromatic Power

October 31st - November 4th 2018

As well as being a great diatonic harp player, Mitch Kashmar is a compelling performer on the chromatic harmonica. His class at the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2018 is aimed at harmonica players of all levels of ability who want to explore the chromatic in a blues / jazz context.

The class will be very much song-oriented. Mitch will use specific tunes to illustrate different aspects of playing the chromatic harmonica in blues and jazz. Topics will include:

  • The tongue block embouchure on chromatic
  • Getting started: the key of D
  • Practical applications: songs by George Smith, William Clarke and Mitch himself
  • Octaves and other intervals
  • Breaking down the tune to understand it better, relevant musical theory
  • Different options for playing over ii V7 I chord sequences
  • Different grooves
  • Approaching jazz blues songs
  • The importance of bass lines and how to navigate them on chromatic
  • Ear training: pitch recognition can be learned!
  • Playing in other keys: Eb, C, G, Ab
  • Creating horn arrangements when playing tunes together in class

The class will be very interactive and participants are encouraged to ask any and all relevant questions. Mitch will use a keyboard to illustrate the various aspects of harmony and provide accompaniment for students when playing in class. Students are also encouraged to bring study tunes which they would like to cover and Mitch will provide guidance on how best to approach them.

Students will need a chromatic harmonica in C, preferably 16-hole. Audio recordings are permitted for private use only.

Language: English

Workshop entitles you to the following:
o    Minimum 11 teaching units of 75 min. Wed – Sat
o    Admission to the sessions in the Kesselhaus on all days
o    Admission to the Harmonica Masters Concerts on Friday and Saturday
o    Admission to supporting program events on all days

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