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The anatomy of harp playing
course language: englisch (or frensh or polish)
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The anatomy of harp playing

Playing the harmonica is not only about breathing in and out! How do you get the best of the subtle combination of your nose, mouth, tongue, throat, diaphragm, hands and fingers if you want to adapt your playing to any kind of music? Whether you like the deep, crunchy tone of Little Walter’s harmonica or the smooth jazzy melodic playing of Howard Levy, it’s the way you use your body which makes the difference. Is your anatomy your ally or your foe when you are playing the harp? Get the control of your body and let’s explore together the amazing sounds and techniques which you can incorporate into your playing without any external effects, amps or pedals. Just your harp and you!   

On the menu:
•    Anatomy of themes. Learning, analysing and playing new harmonica themes in different styles: Blues, Jazz, Rock or Classical
•    Anatomy of tone & techniques. Getting the right tone and techniques for each style of music: vibratos, precision, “clean” and “dirty” playing, chords, octaves, tongue blocking, easy bending & overblowing…
•    Anatomy of the harmonica. The best and the worst of the low, medium and high octaves of the harmonica.
•    Anatomy of the positions. Minor & major keys, relative keys. How and why to use the positions.
•    Anatomy of improvisation. How to construct your solos, build & release tension, control your expression.

course language: englisch  (or frensh or polish)

Workshop entitles you to the following:
o    Minimum 11 teaching units of 75 min. or 90 min Wed – Sat
o    Admission to the session in the Kesselhaus
o    Admission to the Harmonica Masters Concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
o    Admission to supporting program events on all days


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