Joe Filisko

Traditional Blues Harmonica Styles
Kurssprache / course language: english
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Traditional Blues Harmonica Styles
October 30th - November 2nd 2019

At the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2019, Joe's course will cover most areas of traditional playing including:  tongue blocking, breathing, hand techniques and BIG TONE, which is how to get the maximum amount of sound out of your harp by learning to play to the strengths of the instrument.  This will be done with both the rural country blues styles and Chicago Blues styles. Joe's class will offer students extensive opportunities to play and also to receive a critique.
Language: English

Workshop entitles you to the following:
o    Minimum 11 teaching units of 75 min. or 90 min Wed – Sat
o    Admission to the session in the Kesselhaus
o    Admission to the Harmonica Masters Concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
o    Admission to supporting program events on all days

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