The Building Blocks of Advanced Harmonica Playing


Marko Jovanovic’ course at the HMW 2022 will cast fresh light on the complex world of contemporary harmonica playing and offer students an inspiring and detailed vision of the instrument. His extensive experience both as an educator and as a player in recent years have led to this new workshop concept, which is primarily aimed at teaching the harmonica in terms of its instrument-specific possibilities and limitations. The visual concept Marko has pioneered at the Harmonica School Berlin will play an important supporting role here. All topics and exercises are projected onto a screen using specially designed matrices, providing a powerful visual teaching aid to help all students learn effectively and improve their understanding of musical interrelations.


The workshop is structured in three main subject areas:

 Learning and training fundamental playing techniques

           - Intonation and tone control

           - Articulation techniques

           - Bending training

           - Spicing up the music with harmonica-typical sounds

 Improvisational Studies

           - Exercises with the most important scales and chords

           - Movement patterns and melodic building blocks

           - Rhythm studies as a basis for improvisation

 Musical and Artistic Aspects

           - How do you bring personal expression to your playing?

           - How do melodies function?

           - Musical forms and structures

           - How do I create a realistic practice schedule?

           - Visualisation and awareness exercises to promote deeper musical understanding


To ensure a good balance between theoretical and practical aspects, all subject areas will include relevant exercises.

Language: German


The workshop includes a minimum of 11 teaching units of 75 or 90 min from Wednesday to Saturday.

The admissions to the session in the Kesselhaus on Wednesday and the concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday have to be purchased separately.


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