Song Accompaniment in Blues, Rock and Country Music

Many harmonica players have mastered crucial playing techniques, but struggle to integrate them effectlively into performance situations. The transition from recycling familiar licks, to learning how to construct creative and appropriate accompaniments to songs in different styles, is a complex subject which can elude even accomplished players.

Steve’s class in 2022 is aimed at intermediate and advanced harmonica players and will demonstrate approaches to song accompaniment in blues, rock and country music. As well as study songs, it will also cover techniques to help students improve articulation and precision. 

Technique Studies will include:

  • Accurate Intonation and good tone
  • Tongue block / pucker
  • Articulation: starting and finishing notes clearly and concisely
  • Defining the spaces between notes: ghost notes
  • Timing: learning to count, placement of accents
  • Bending studies

 Accompaniment Studies will include:

  • Principles of harmony: the major scale and the chords derived from it
  • Major and minor pentatonic modes
  • Ear training: learning to recognize interval and chord relationships
  • How to follow chord changes: finding the chord notes on the harp
  • Choosing the most suitable mode for a particular song
  • Typical song forms and structures in blues, country and rock
  • Accompanying singers: building arrangements without stepping on the vocal

 Language: English and / or German


The workshop includes a minimum of 11 teaching units of 75 or 90 min from Wednesday to Saturday.

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