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10th Harmonica Masters Workshops

Trossingen, November 4th - November 8th 2015


Artistic direction & concept: Steve Baker
Organisation: Hohner Conservatory / Michaela Kitzke

The Harmonica Masters Workshops were initiated in 2003 by Steve Baker in cooperation with the town of Trossingen and Hohner Musical Instruments. Now under the direction of the Hohner Conservatory, the no.1 educational event for blues harmonica in Europe opens its doors for the 10th time at the beginnng of November 2015 on the new campus in the heart of Trossingen, the fully renovated site of the former Hohner production facilities.


News 06-01-2015

Harmonica Masters Concerts with Special Guests
Friday, November 6th, 8pm

Rocking, Roots & Rhythm

Abi Wallenstein & BluesCulture feat. Steve Baker & Martin Roettger
Joe Filisko & Eric Noden

The Harmonica Masters Concerts 2015 will feature a number of additional top-line guests. For the first time in several years, European blues legend Abi Wallenstein returns to Trossingen for a concert appearance in the Kesselhaus with Steve Baker and Martin Roettger.

Wallenstein has always been a proponent of the stripped down approach, creating maximum impact with minimal means. The direct and open personal contact, the creative interaction with the audience which allows listeners and musicians to become one, is absolutely central to his music. BluesCulture is dedicated to this spirit! The music is a refreshing and unconventional fusion which integrates deep delta blues with hip-hop beats and wild boogie-woogie with grooving protofunk. The dynamic interplay between the three musicians is unpredictable and gripping. Their spontaneity and energy create a fascinating blend of diverse musical elements which which lives from the dynamic interplay between the musicians and allows them to shine both as soloists and as ensemble players. Wallenstein and Baker share a lengthy musical association reaching back to 1990 and have performed as a trio with Martin Roettger since 2002. Next day, on Saturday November 7th, Roettger will also present a cajon workshop.

The evening begins with the eagerly anticipated concert appearance by Harmonica Masters' veterans Joe Filisko & Eric Noden. In recent years, Filisko and Noden have worked their way up to become one of the most highly regarded acoustic blues acts worldwide, breathing new life into this often neglected music. Their exciting performances combine respect for the blues tradition and a deep understanding of the music, with vibrant original songs, presented with enormous energy and enthusiasm as well as the remarkable instrumental virtuosity for which they are justly famous. This promises to be a truly magical night!

News 02-04-2015

Dear attendees and all interested in attending the HMW 2015,
as you have no doubt noticed, we have had to raise the prices for the workshops and concerts at the HMW 2015.
Thanks to the generosity of our instructors and musicians, we have in previous years been able to keep prices stable. However, our instructors and staff have a right to adequate remuneration and I am sure you will agree that they do a fantastic job. Other costs such advertising, postage and travel costs etc. have also risen in recent years.
This has left us with no alternative but to raise our prices too. We trust that you will understand the necessity for this and have tried to keep the increases as moderate as possible.
I hope that you will continue to support this great event and recommend it further,

with best regards
Dieter Dörrenbächer

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