Date:          Thursday, October 31st

Time:          3:00pm - 4:00pm

Location:    Musikschule Trossingen; Löhrstr. 32; Concert Hall (ground floor)

Language:  German or English


> Playing in Minor Keys Made Easy <

With the Special Tuning for 3rd Positiion



This workshop focuses on how to play songs in minor keys more expressively and easily by using a special harmonica tuning.

One of Chris Kramer's passions is enriching contemporary harmonica playing by using specially tuned instruments. In this workshop, he will share his knowledge gained from 35 years of playing in 3rd position, with the aim of helping participants play more expressively, gain additional versatility, and noticeably improve their sound in minor keys. And the great thing is, this special tuning (analogous to an open-tuned guitar), makes it child’s play!

The tuning allows you to instantly play chords as well as all the notes of the minor pentatonic scale over 2 1/2 octaves just by blowing and drawing, and helps you shine both rhythmically and as a soloist through octave playing. Chris Kramer has been using this tuning for years to create little highlights which audiences love.

True to the motto, "If I can do it, so can you!“, he is offering this one-hour special workshop free to all HMW participants, immediately opening up a new range of musical possibilities for anyone who can play clean single notes. You can simply listen and be inspired, or actively join in. To do so, all you need is a harmonica in C in this tuning, which you can purchase directly from Chris for only €59.


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