Date:           Saturday, November 2nd

Time:           3:00pm - 4:00pm

Location:     Musikschule Trossingen; Löhrstr. 32; Concert Hall (ground floor)

Language:   English


> Harmonica Therapy < 



Following his seminars on Harmonica Therapy at previous editions of the Harmonica Masters Workshops, in 2024 Mattias Bogefors presents a hands on introduction to his ‘most bang for the buck’ method. No musical knowledge is required. All attendees are welcome, you will need harmonicas in C and G.

Mattias took up the harmonica after suffering a whiplash injury. He soon discovered similarities between playing harmonica and the gentle and subtle physiotherapeutic exercises he was doing under medical supervision. This helped him find his way back into life and he has now spent over 20 years developing his concept and sharing his experience with private clients, patient organizations and hospitals in Sweden and the Netherlands.

He calls the harmonica ’the world’s smallest gym’, or just  a ’medical instrument’. In this class, Mattias will present a practical introduction to the small, subtle and gentle movements with the mouth, tongue and neck, incorporating conscious, relaxed, deep and powerful breathing, which he has successfully used to help struggling people deal with a wide variety of health issues including respiratory diseases and medical conditions affecting the neck, jaw and tongue, as well as helping to cope with pain and anxiety. In addition to improving physical and mental well being, these techniques also help to train good posture/ergonomics. Together, they are therefore also the key to creating good tone. So this workshop is not simply about health care, but will also help every player, from beginner to advanced, to improve their sound and enhance their playing comfort.

If you can breathe, you can do it, and it’s fun too!! 


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