Date:           Friday, November 1st

Time:          3:00pm - 4:00pm

Location:    Musikschule Trossingen; Löhrstr. 32; Concert Hall (ground floor)

Language:  English


> Amplified Harmonica with Marble Amps and George Reijnders < 































Marble Amps is a small company with 25 years of experience in designing and building handmade, point to point wired tube amplifiers. They have developed four different series of amps for harmonica players and guitarists, catering for the needs and tastes of serious and professional musicians alike, and are one of the few companies making amps specifically for harmonica. Marble Amps has for many years supported harmonica events in Trossingen, providing amplifiers for the concerts and sessions as well as displaying a range of their products to festival visitors.

At the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2024 in Trossingen, you will find company owner and founder Arie Jan Folkerts in the demo and test room on the 3rd floor of the Music School with a large range of Marble Amps.


What do you need to create a good amplified sound?

A  high quality amp designed for amplified harmonica is a great help when trying to achieve a good electric sound. Choosing a suitable microphone and learning to adjust your amp correctly are also important factors when striving for good amplified tone.

However, when learning to play amplified, you first need to master the necessary cupping and holding techniques in order to be able to create that elusive electric sound. Good equipment alone will not do this for you.

Long time HMW attendee George Reijnders (NL) is a harmonica player and teacher with wide experience of using Marble Amps. George will give a short workshop on amplified harmonica playing, together with Arie Jan Folkerts in the Concert Hall on the ground floor of the Music School.


Sound sample

To give you an impression of how amplified harp sounds on a Marble Amp, check out George’s on stage perfomance during the HMW 2022:


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