Bonny B.


Bonny B is a highly talented blues and gospel harmonicist-singer, born in 1972 in Cambodia, and since 1979 resident in Switzerland. He suffered the worst excesses of the Khmer Rouge war from 1975 to 1979 as a child. He and his family were enslaved by Pol Pot at that time. Ever since, Bonny B has been committed to giving back and in 2006 was able to found a school in Cambodia, financed through his music, as well as contributing to numerous musical education programs in his adopted country.

After gaining asylum and growing up in Switzerland, he felt naturally drawn to blues and gospel music, perhaps because of the parallels between his own his life experiences and those of black slaves in the USA. He became a specialist in singing work songs and in the history of the blues and the harmonica. In 2000, he became a Hohner endorsee.

Bonny B has been teaching harmonica and singing for more than thirty years in his school in Fribourg (Switzerland), and has trained more than a thousand harmonica players. Thanks to his stage experience, he has developed an unparalleled pedagogy. He has organized numerous courses and workshops as well as performing thousands of concerts and has recorded more than 16 albums under his own name. Bonny B continues to breathe the blues with all his heart and soul and loves to share his passion with those who are willing to learn this immortal style.

He will be happy to welcome you to his harmonica and vocal masterclass.

On March 1st 2009, Bonny B earned a place in the the Guinness Book of Records for the longest ever harmonica marathon. His record of 24 hours of uninterrupted harmonica playing was achieved at the Blues Club, Fribourg, Switzerland. Bonny was able to go for the whole duration without a single break.

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