Marko Jovanovic


Marko Jovanović is internationally renowned for his expressive harmonica playing. The Berlin-based virtuoso is a HOHNER endorser, regular jury member at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen and one of Europe's leading harmonica teachers. He is the founder of the harmonica school berlin and artistic director of the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL.

Although he is well known as a blues harmonica player, Jovanović can’t really be pigeonholed in any one particular genre. The Munich native with Serbian roots senses the vibrations of the moment, takes them up in his music and transforms them into something new and unique. He has the ability to intuitively combine the essential elements of different musical directions, so that what he plays springs from the moment. With and on the harmonica, he finds his own deeply personal form of expression.

His playing is characterised by his love of the harmonica and a deep understanding of music. "I never started, and I never stopped studying," says Marko Jovanovic, a musician who loves to learn and teach. In his playing he communicates, making music tangible.


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